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Hemi-Sync for learning and memory use at home or in any academic setting.   Hemi-Sync memory, focus, concentration and learning music with binaural beats is appropriate for any age group.

Ecstatic Digital DownloadHemi-Sync Ecstatic Metamusic

Wooden percussion instruments bring dynamic vitality to this unusual creation by Steve MacLean. Energize your entire being with upbeat musical motivation for any mental or physical action.

The predominance of frequencies in the Beta range stimulates alertness, awareness, and productive activity while other elements in the complex Hemi-sync pattern open you to creative expression.

Metamusic 30 min. MP3 sample



Ecstatic Digital Download - $14.96 from: Hemi-Sync  
Ecstatic CD - $19.95 from: Hemi-Sync