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Hypnotic, subliminal and sleep recordings. Custom made and 1000+ premade. Guaranteed. Since 1981. Catalog. Custom made and 1000+ pre-made hypnotic, subliminal and sleep recordings. Guaranteed. Since 1981. Free catalog.  Change your brain, change your mind, change your life easily, safely and effective.  Use hypnotic recordings as your personal coach to improve relationships, extinguish unwanted habits and enjoy successful living.  Learn more. 


Hemi-Sync process was developed by Robert Monroe. All Hemi-Sync products are developed and owned by Monroe Products®. Hemi Sync is a patented technology of Monroe Products. The term Hemi Sync refers to hemispheric synchronization of brain waves. Hemi-Sync product types are: Metamusic®, Human Plus®, and Mind Food®. Hemi-Sync recordings contain binaural beats for brain wave entrainment. View catalog
DISCOUNTED Hemi-Sync CDs - new in original wrapper.  Series do NOT come wrapped. 


Subliminal MP3 Library - Subliminal Messages Subliminal CDsReal Subliminals stock or custom made, money back satisfaction guarantee, free sample download.   Subliminal messages help you achieve your goals, all you have to do is listen to the recording.  CDs and downloads available.  Simple, fast, safe, effective.  Remember there is a money back satisfaction guaratee.

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Biofeedback (for physical health and meditation appropriate for all ages) Biofeedback can also be used to control brain activity, muscle tension, and heart rate. It can also be used to decrease physical symptoms of illness.  The United States government now uses interactive biofeedback training for the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.) Learn more


Mindplace Procyon AVS System Light & Sound Mind MachineMind machines provide audio visual brain wave entrainment using binaural beats with light and sound. Choose a program for sleep, relaxation, concentration, learning, memory or energizing.

Choose from: Kasina, Procyon, Proteus,  Audio Strobe CDs and downloads, GanzFrame glasses

The MindPlace Company provides excellent customer service and a two year warranty on product consoles.   has maintained a web presence for over 20 years.  Their products are state of the art, reasonably priced and achieve the same results as machines selling for much higher prices.  All mind machines are created equal.  All mind machines companies are not.  Shop at The MindPlace Company

www.choosemuse.comMuse brain trainer improve relaxation, learning, memory and focus is just 3 minutes a day.

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Organic NON-GMO Kosher certified foods, egg whites, teas, spices, herbs, dog treats and more.


Star West BotanicalsPure and organic herbs, oils, teas, body care and personal hygiene products for the entire family.  You eat organic foods?  Why aren't you using StarWest Botanicals organic products. 


Feel The Way Nature Intended with Hemp Hemp products and herbal remedies. 

A leader in hemp herbal healing products and oils.  Hemp has been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes.  Today hemp is as popular as every in the areas of integrative health and wellness.  Michigan Herbal Remedies, LLC  hemp oil products are legal to consume, sell and possess in the U.S., as well as any other country in the rest of the world. 


Mindfulness training.  Learn the difference between mindfulness, biofeedback, hypnosis and meditation  Mindfulness training is appropriate for all ages and capabilities.  Everyone and anyone regardless of age, education level or cognitive ability can practice mindfulness.


High quality yoga accessories at great prices -!Learn the benefits of yoga - a gently way of exercising for all ages.  Learn to stretch your body and open your mind.  Yoga is a centuries old practice that proves time and again how to achieve your highest goals and dreams  See how children can be treated for anxiety, depression, phobias and OCD without medication.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  Learn more

Home Learning AssociationTired of CORE Curriculum?  Tired of your children being uneducated, miseducated and under-educated?  Tired of teachers saying children need to be on medication to learn?  Learn what options parents and day care workers have.  See how easy it is to home school from pre-school thru college and technical schools. 
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Take control of your children's future Learn More.


Enjoy music with binaural beats for concentration, memory, focus, sleep and deep states of relaxation.


Hypnosis Downloads by Uncommon KnowledgeLearn to be professional hypnotist.  No college education necessary.  Develop a hypnosis practice or stage performance routine.  Hypnotherapist Courses are available in the comfort of your home on your schedule.  Help people loose weight, stop smoking, overcome fear and more.  Imagine how proud you will be to display your hypnotherapist diploma.  Learn more


Creative Visualization, Manifesting, Guided Mediation, Self Hypnosis, Improving your Intuition and Psychic Classes and Downloads.

Tuning forks American made life time guaranteeTuning forks American made, standard and weighted,  8th Chakra Set, Genesis,  Otto Set.
Each tuning fork is hand made in the USA, of special high tensile strength aluminum alloy. Each fork is hand tuned for frequency accuracy to within .01 Hertz. Tuning Forks are the most innovative sound and vibrational healing tools available to the novice or experienced healer.


Additional information and products for health and wellness for adults, children and pets.  Improve your life, change your brain, change your mind, change your life.  Start living the life you desire full of health, prosperity and happiness.  You Deserve It! affiliate programs. Hypnosis by James Schmelter   Improving your Intuition and Psychic Classes and Downloads    
Hypnosis training - become a professional hypnotherapist no college education needed.   Muse Brain Training Head band - wear the head band for 3 minutes a day to relieve stress and anxiety   Meditainment from Well Mind Media - guide meditation for all ages.  
GregRobert Pet Supplies MADE IN AMERICA   Hot tubs and spas for every home and every budget   NeuroProgrammer  binaural beats for health and wellness.  
Magnetic Therapy Specialist, treatment for pain products  Star-West Botanicals - pure and organic herbal products Turnaround a treatment for children without medication
Yoga accessories  complete catalog    Hemp Products and Herbal Remedies   On Line and mobile app learning -all ages and levels  
Dr. Becker's all beef liver and bison dog treats without grains Organic foods and products for the family and pets. Saunas - personal and group healthy detoxification  
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